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Radiesse can treat deep facial wrinkles, lines, or folds by improving the structure of the skin from the inside. This is done through the stimulation of your body’s production of collagen.


It is a fact that our skin loses its elasticity as we grow older. Our hands gain new wrinkles, our cheeks start to sag, and those smiles start to leave visible memories of their own on our skin. However, for our patients at Phi MD, Radiesse is a safe, versatile option that can provide the ideal that can help smooth out those wrinkles of time.


Radiesse is a long-lasting and highly effective FDA-approved injectable dermal filler for treating wrinkles on both the face and hands.

At its core, Radiesse is a collagen stimulator. Collagen is the main structural protein in our skin that helps it to retain that tight, taut, youthful appearance. Radiesse uses microscopic spheres of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) to add volume to the skin. Over time, these spheres absorb into the skin and are replaced by natural collagen. With the use of Radiesse, the body’s process of collagen generation is stimulated and encourages growth — and with it, long-lasting results.

Radiesse+ offers robust elasticity and viscosity for deep bolus placement. It is FDA-approved for jawline injection to approve the contour of the face. Radiesse+ can also be placed in other areas such as temples, cheeks, chin and nose. 

Radiesse diluted per label with lidocaine produces a softer gel for distribution in the subdermal plane. This can be injected to lower face  to improve lines and wrinkles – Direct injection into nasolabial folds (NLFs) and lower face lines. In addition, Radiesse diluted can be used for injection into the back of the hand or neck to correct volume loss, and buttocks to lift and augment this area of the body while being non-surgical. 

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