Vitamin Injections

Vitamin injections enable direct delivery of key nutritional supplements including vitamins or antioxidants directly into the body through the veins, where they can be rapidly absorbed and delivered through the venous system.

In recent years, vitamin injections have become popular among healthy people who are concerned to ensure that they are getting adequate levels of vitamin. Advocates claim that they feel better as a result of regular injections, stating improvements to energy levels, weight, sleep, mood and hair loss.

Vitamin injections are a very quick and efficient method of addressing deficiencies. Some vitamins are very difficult to get through diet and supplements are not always readily absorbed by the body. Having an injection means that the vitamin is delivered straight into the blood stream.

Vitamin Deficiency Injections

We offer a number of vitamin supplements which are delivered via injection directly into the blood stream for rapid absorption:

Vitamin B12

  • The main purpose of vitamin B12 in the body is to make red blood cells
  • B12 deficiency can lead to anaemia, which is a low red blood cell count
  • Patients with B12 deficiency can feel tired and weak
  • B12 deficiency is also associated with problems such as irritability low mood and anxiety
  • Other symptoms include pale skin, breathlessness, loss of appetite, weight loss


  • Biotin is part of the B vitamin family
  • Also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H
  • Symptoms of biotin deficiency include fatigue and depression
  • Biotin deficiency is also associated with anaemia and hair loss

Vitamin D3

  • Normally produced by exposure to sunlight
  • Helps the body to absorb calcium and phosphorous from food
  • Helps maintain bones, muscles, teeth and immunity

Glutathione Antioxidant Injections

In addition, we offer injections of key antioxidant glutathione, which has a range of potential health benefits:

  • Key to immunity and controlling inflammation
  • Helps fight metal and drug toxification
  • Body’s main antioxidant, protecting our cells and making our energy metabolism run well
  • Used to treat a variety of conditions, including cataracts, glaucoma, alcoholism, asthma, cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, hepatitis, liver disease, chronic fatigue, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease, male infertility, anaemia, side effects of chemotherapy
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