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Sylfirm X For Hair Growth

Sylfirm is the newest innovation and the first FDA-approved microneedling plus radio frequency (RF) treatment. Microneedling is used to puncture the outermost layer of skin and promote the growth of collagen and skin regrowth. Adding radiofrequency to microneedling further stimulates collagen and growth factors, plus firms and tightens the skin for skin rejuvenation.
Energy is measured in wavelengths per second in an RF treatment. The treatment produces heat to induce collagen and elastin creation deep in the layers of the skin. RF safely penetrates to these deep levels to lift tissues, improve skin tone, and structure, and encourage hair regrowth.
Sylfirm sends RF energy under the superficial layer of skin through specialized microneedles. The main reason for microneedling is to stimulate collagen production or the skin’s scaffolding. More collagen means better skin repair and smooth and tight skin. Sylfirm develops an environment to optimize collagen growth plus encourage dermal health and restore younger and healthier skin.
Microneedling creates tiny wounds to encourage the body’s natural defenses to begin the healing process and promote new hair growth to help reverse thinning hair.
You may need to combine Sylfirm X treatments with Exosome and different Peptides to start hair regrowth but discuss this with our doctor to create a personal plan for you. Most patients experience a sunburn-like sensation, some minor swelling, and redness immediately after the treatment, but these do reduce in a few hours. However, Sylfirm offers fantastic results, quicker treatments, is minimally invasive, and has minimal discomfort, plus new hair regrowth is exceptional. Package pricing available during your consultation.

Sylfirm Hair Transformation

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