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Tattoo Removal

Are you ready for Tattoo removal?

  • Are you ready to get rid of the tattoo that reminds you of your past? Reminds you of your previous mistakes?
  • Are you ready for a fresh start?
  • Maybe you want to correct or add something new to a design you love and need to erase a tiny area so your tattoo artist can fill in the new design you like.
  • Maybe you hate the color and simply want to change it or refresh the look of a tattoo that you absolutely love.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you are ready for our tattoo removal sessions.

Benefits of PicoLo Premium laser tattoo removal?

  • Extremely fast – one billion of a second fast!
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Safe on all skin types
  • Treats all ink colors
  • Allows to selectively lighten specific tattoo areas to allow for a cover up
  • Change tattoo outline
  • Change tattoo shade color
  • Create smooth transitions between tattoo pieces
  • And much more

What areas can PicoSure® laser treat?

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Back of head
  • Scalp
  • Ear lobe
  • Chest/breast/nipple
  • Back and lower back
  • Stomach/abdomen
  • Legs and toes
  • Arms and fingers
  • And much more.. virtually any part of the body!

What is the PicoLo Premium laser tattoo removal Laser?

It’s a picosecond laser which operates with very fast, actually one billionth of a second fast speed. This speed creates pure energy generation in the form of pressure or pulsed shock wave effect on the tattoo pigments, and results is very little or no heat generation. PicoLo groundbreaking technology is extremely efficient and has become the “Gold Standard” in laser tattoo removal. With this unique technology, average tattoo can be almost over 90% cleared in as little as 4 treatments, while the rest of the old technology lasers will result in about 50% clearance and will take as many as 20 treatments and a few years. The near absence of heat injury and damage to healthy skin, means little risk of hypopigmentation seen with the more common lasers such as Q-switched or Nd-YAG.

Pico Laser tattoo removal vs Q-Switched laser and vs Nd-YAG laser

PicoLo Premium laserQ-switched laserNd-YAG laser
ALL ink colorsBlack/Blue ink onlyBlack/Blue ink only
ALL skin types and colorsOnly Caucasian skinOnly Caucasian skin
Pico pressure energy destroys inkHeat energy destroys inkHeat energy destroys ink
No downtime5-7 days of downtime5-7 days of downtime
As little as 1-2 treatmentsAs many as 20 treatmentsAs many as 20 treatments
Takes a few months to fully clear tattooMay take 1-2 years to clear tattoo ( full treatment)May take 1-2 years to clear tattoo ( full treatment)
No risk of burnsRisk of burnsRisk of burns
Minimal risk of skin discolorationHigh risk of skin discolorationHigh risk of skin discoloration
Can treat old and new tattoosCan treat new tattoos

Can treat new tattoos

Can treat after previously failed treatment with other lasers  
No anesthesia requiredAnesthesia requiredAnesthesia required

Does Pico Laser treatment hurt?

It is a very comfortable procedure and actually is associated with less discomfort compared when getting a tattoo. The very unique technology and speed of the laser simply make tattoo removal a breeze. The ultra short duration of energy is very strong and very precise in targeting only the skin with ink, while preserving and avoiding the healthy skin around. This mechanism allows for a more comfortable experience than ever as less skin is damages, less nerve endings get activated, which leads to less pain. If there would be one word to describe the sensation one may experience during the tattoo removal process, it will most likely be a “small rubber band snapping against the skin”. We also offer topical numbing and Nitronox Plus for a comfortable treatment.

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